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Who We Are?

TAKHLEEQ DEVELOPMENTS has been providing a rigorous source of construction consulting, value analysis, operations, and project management services for commercial and residential projects since 2011. Their proven track record of delivering on time and within budget exhibits a thorough understanding of the local market. They aim to provide every client with an exceptional project, by assuring the attribute and craftsmanship is up to the required standards. This will result in saving time and money also symbolizes just how devoted they are to the integrity of their work and client satisfaction.

Through business integrity based on the highest levels of principles in the industry, TAKHLEEQ DEVELOPMENTS has been able to build one of the largest pools of experienced, professional and core employees, sub-contractors and vendors in Islamabad. Because of their integrity and loyalty, many clients have repeatedly chosen to contract with them. As they highly respect the power of “word of mouth” advertising and they’re devoted to keeping both current and future clients thoroughly informed and involved throughout the entire construction process.


We are committed to providing technical knowledge, experience, and resources to deliver our construction marketing and real estate management services.

Our innovative team continuously works hard to identify, evaluate and implement innovative solutions. Our experience in overseeing the construction of many projects include Qayyam an upcoming project in Murree shows that we are capable of building the most imaginative architectural designs and meet the most demanding engineering challenges. TAKHLEEQ DEVELOPMENTS strive to provide each and every client with a project we can both be proud of, which is why we self-perform much of our own work. By doing so we can work more efficiently, and ensure the quality and designs is up to our standards. This in turn saves you time and money and exemplifies just how committed we are to the integrity of our work and our clients’ satisfaction.

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CEO Message

At TAKHLEEQ DEVELOPMENTS, we constantly strive to be the best. We stay on the cutting edge of technology, management techniques, project delivery methods, and sustainability, both within our internal operations and throughout our construction, marketing, and real estate management projects. Our company culture and core values of integrity, quality, social responsibility and continuous improvement reflected in all of our projects.

TAKHLEEQ culture is not infused into the company by external means. It comes from within and is embraced strongly by each and every TAKHLEEQ employee. In addition to these values held, the experience, expertise and hard work of the takhleeq people are the real key to our success and the key to our future. They are the best in the business and each one of our projects serve as testimony to that. We are a winning team and our clients are part of that winning team.


TAKHLEEQ DEVELOPMENTS is a leader in providing value-added construction, marketing, and real estate management services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.


We want to build the best place to work.